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The Women's Junior World Handball Championship was the 20th edition of the tournament and took place in Moscow, Russia from 2 to 15 July Denmark won their second title after defeating Russia 32–28 in the veollyu.альянсбетонгрупп.рф country: Russia. For the present investigation, we chose 2 examinations within each calendar decade from up to that were approximately 8 years apart. The availability of only 2 offspring cohort examinations in the s that were 8 years apart constrained us to using observations from only 2 Cited by:

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  • Selected Filters. PrestaShop Compatibility. E-merchants reviews. Build customer loyalty by offering discount vouchers for future purchases! Offer your customers to buy a benefit card in order to benefit from a permanent or limited discount on your shop. This module allows you to build customer loyalty.

    Referral & Loyalty programs - PrestaShop Modules

    Loyalty Pack Start. All-in-one Rewards: loyalty sponsorship affiliation Allows your customers to earn rewards, all grouped into a single account, while developing SEO and reputation of your shop: loyalty program, sponsorship multilevel, self-promotional , affiliation, facebook and more.

    Your sales will really increase! Advanced Loyalty Program: Loyalty Points.

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    Customize the number of loyalty points awarded for each product or each client: add, modify or delete points. Set the product prices which do you want to really show. Make increments, reductions discounts and fixed prices with an unlimited conditions and combinations.

    You can modify your product prices, massively or individually, as you prefer.

    Referral and Affiliation Program. This module creates coupons with bonuses for the Sponsor and Referral friend , when they make the registration or orders. There are a lot of configurable options in this module. Happy Birthday - sending coupon automatic way. The inevetable addon to please all your customers while developing your sales. Do not miss this unique day and offer your customers a discount. You can propose many promotions such as: amount or percentage discount, free shipping, gift product Loyalty Reward Points.

    All in one Loyalty Reward Points solution. Fits in seamlessly with checkout and does not require vouchers to be generated for points to be redeemed. Includes referral reward scheme and many other great features. Advanced Referral Program. Get more customers with this module! This module allows the customers to gather points within orders.

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    The points can be redeemed for discount on their next orders. Advanced Loyalty points. The module allows you to create rewards points for customers: welcome points, birthday points and a reward based on the total price of purchases. Loyalty Points. Generate additional revenue through a fully automatic loyalty program for customers.

    Grant with our loyalty module points to customers, fully automatic or manual, according to their purchases.

    With the help of membership module admin can add various membership plans for the customers. Admin will add specific benefits to each plan. Customers can buy these plans to avail specific benefits assigned to the plan. Loyalty Points - Reward and loyalty program.

    Edit your customers Loyalty points at your needs. Add or subtract points and give rewards or fix errors. This module developed by LIBRASOFT lets you retain your customers effortlessly, automatically assigning them to groups of customers according to their number of customer case.

    Affiliate Program.

    Prestashop Affiliate Program is a powerful marketing tool which allows your customers to register as affiliates and earn the reward for referring the customers and purchases made by those customers. Knowband - Reward points. This Prestashop Reward Points Addon allows admin to give rewards to customers each time they purchase a product.

    The Customers can redeem these points to get discounts on their further purchases. M4 Category Discount or Surcharge. Adds a discount or a surcharge to a category for a group of customers. In bulk. Configure how many points the user gets for products and select items the points can be spent on. Create bundle deals and increase your sales.

    Referral program with rewards. The module allows you to create a reward for sponsors for inviting their friends. Sponsor has its own balance and the ability to request withdrawal of money. The module allows you to create a personal sponsor coupon for inviting friends.

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  • VIP codes management. Propose codes to your customers allowing them access to features, prices and specific products. These codes are entered during registration or later in their account.

    Small differences matter most. Loyalty Points is a great way to improve the functionality of a default Customer Loyalty and Rewards module. It adds a possibility to use Loyalty Points without trading them for Vouchers. This module automatically installs the 2Performant affiliate network tracking code in your "thank you " or order confirmation page only for sale programs which offer a fixed percentage commission.

    Birthday Reminder. Birthday Reminder, Registration anniversary, anniversary of the first order.

    Birthday Gift Voucher. Birthday Gift Voucher module helps a store owner when it comes to making customers feel special by sending them a birthday wish email or a voucher code. Admin can add plans according to which the birthday emails will be sent to the customers. Birthday Voucher. The PrestaShop Birthday gift module is a marketing tool that keeps you in touch with your clients by sending them a gift voucher on their birthday. Membership by discount voucher.

    Privilege Card. Manually add loyalty points. Works with the loyalty module from PrestaShop. Allows you to manually add points to your customers in your backoffice. Right after they bought something in a physical store for example.

    2016 Women's Junior World Handball Championship

    Edition mass client groups. Italso allows you to easily change customer from one group to the other. Happy Birthday Simple. Increase your customers loyalty by sending them very special happy birthday greetings.

    You can send just kind words, discount voucher or gifts.

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  • Allows for the addition of a conversion script for verified Trovaprezzi. AN Affiliate Program. Let your customers to promote your products instead of you with the AN Affiliate program module. Give for each one a referral link, motivate them to share it and sell your products to referrals by receiving discount vouchers.

    Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program. Boost per-customer revenue by 2. Knowband - Affiliate and Referral Program. Prestashop Affiliation Program by Knwoband allows the store customers to register as an affiliate and refer a promotion code to their friends. The affiliates can earn rewards for referring the customers and admin can improve conversions.

    Customer Money Box. Customers placing orders will get money into the money box. Money can be used to reduce the cost of next orders. The module has a lot of configuration options.

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    Discounted Price. The module displays original product price to customer group with discount. Personal product images uploaded by customers. This module enable registered customers uploading product photos and add comments in exchange for loyalty points per photo. All photos and comments are validated prior its publication.